Reformation Services


Community Service  Program

This program is designed to fulfill the obligation required by the court

in many types of court cases. When the person is at fault and can not pay the court fine, Asset Organization will provide community services to pay the debt owed to the court. Community Services are on a first come first serve basis, therefore Asset Organization reserves the right to select the services on a case by case bases. Community Services are assigned by opportunities that are available.

Not all court cases will qualify for this program. 

Helping those who are unable to help themselves. 

 " I called Gary leaving the probation office and he understood my situation. I was so scared of going to jail. All I can think about was my son being left alone. The personal attention that I'm receiving is better than the other services I have experienced."



Prison Concierge Service

June 2020

This service is directed to those who are in jail or prison for any amount of time. A person may need specific tasks completed which require an executive role in handling responsibilities, such as business affairs, family affairs or legal correspondences regarding their case.


Pin Pal Writing Program

August 2020

This program provides ongoing communication through letters and phone calls to keep inmates engaged and encouraged. While they are fulfilling their legal obligation, positive social communications help with the enduring rehabilitation needed to balance the phycological and institutional damage due to the isolated environments.


Bonding Assistance Program

September 2020

This service targets those who have been arrested and do not have outside assistance to aid their release from jail. In these cases, victims may have money in their bank or residence, but do not have anyone to assist them in the bonding process.

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